Photomath - Camera Calculator App Reviews

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This thing is so amazing! It got me through the parts of geometry I didnt get! Its a must get


This app is perfect

Great help

Needed a fact checker and was helpful that it also showed the process of the answer. Thanks!!


It works better than any other app like this on the market. Its versatile and super useful. Double thumbs up!!!

Great for Howmwork

I dont use it to cheat, but I use it to check my work. Super helpful!

Must have app

Ive been using this app for some time now and have been comparing it to other math apps and by far this is the best math app. Its capabilities to quickly scan math equations and problems and instantly give you the answer coupled with a step-by-step guideline to arriving at the answer makes it a must have app for college and highschool students.

Best app ever

This app is incredibly helpful

Literally Saved My Life

Thank god for whoever made this app.

Omg 10/10

This app has saved my butt. I skipped two grades in math which Im pretty much lost all the time. So this app is great to help me. It truly helps you, it really does. However if the app would read word problems it would be great. The app is still great with and without it.

Best app I have ever used

Honestly this app is amazing


Okay so Ive always struggled with math and Ive gotten like 4 math helper apps already and none of them had accurate calculations, a camera, and an excellent and VERY helpful breakdown of problems like Photomath does. I RECOMMEND THIS APP :D

Photomath is the best

This app is amazing! It helped me a lot with my homework. I say you should really try this app out if your really bad at math or your just to lazy to do all your math work

Saved My Life

This app has saved my life on more than a few homework assignments, I have used it for 2 years and in the beginning it glitched a lot but now it works perfectly and the step by step instructions help me understand how the answer was reached.

Awesome app!

Helped me help my husband with his college algebra class!


Whats wrong with this app? 2 problems For starters the camera doesnt read the math problems and when it does it is blurry When I type in a math problem when the camera doesnt work all the symbols are not explicit or available to your need . The good is that I helps me with my problems and provide me with all the steps.. In conclusion I would recommend this app but the same time I would not. I have an iPhone 6s so Idk Id it will work with you. The app is good over all but only when the two problems happen thats the bad part overall.

Awesomely Amazing

This app is awesome it lets me check my work so I can make sure its right to that question.


Well, sometimes the camera doesnt work however, it does have a very useful calculator to help me with it. I am doing a college course summer program and has a lot to do with algebra and equations. I hope they make a logic app like this. Thanks to whoever made this app! Really useful!!

Thank you

This app is awesome.please add a persian number for app




You guys need to show the work on how to factor trinomials and other things.

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